Teenagers – Music Video & Remixes

Here’s the music video and 3 exclusive remixes for our new single “Teenagers”!

The single comes with 3 exclusive remixes by King of Town, Drift Prism and Soundhog. Get this single at iTunes now!

Thanks to everyone that helped make this video happen!

Director: Lebogang Rasethaba
DOP: Motheo Moeng
Editor: Jordan Koen
Producer: Imke Nina Gehring
Art director: Adi Koen
Art Dept Assistant:Mica Mckechnie
Stylist&make up: Nola Jane Williams
Wardrobe:Stylist own
Make up&stylist assistant:Katie McSmith
Production house: Arcade
Models: Kate Jones Sun, Ciara Moore, Lexine voutsinos, Sophie Abendanon
Special thanks: Dan Nkutha, Bongane Nkutha, The Abendanon family, Great Dane, Diego Ollivier, Egg Films

Check out some pics from the shoot below (thanks to Angie and Anna-belle!)

13-DESMOND-AND-THE-TUTUS-21-620x464 12-DESMOND-AND-THE-TUTUS-11-620x414 4-Teenagers-Desmond-and-the-Tutus-32-of-45-620x414 11-Teenagers-Desmond-and-the-Tutus-1-of-45-620x414 10-DESMOND-AND-THE-TUTUS-13-620x414 8-DESMOND-AND-THE-TUTUS-8-620x414 5-Teenagers-Desmond-and-the-Tutus-36-of-45-620x414 6-Teenagers-Desmond-and-the-Tutus-8-of-45-620x414 5-DESMOND-AND-THE-TUTUS-5-620x477 4-DESMOND-AND-THE-TUTUS-17-620x414 4-Teenagers-Desmond-and-the-Tutus-4-of-45-620x414 3-Teenagers-Desmond-and-the-Tutus-38-of-45-620x414 2-DESMOND-AND-THE-TUTUS-10-620x414 1-DESMOND-AND-THE-TUTUS-4-620x414