Park Acoustics 2015 – Pictures

Park Acoustics is one of the really special regular events that happens at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria every month. Here are some pics from our last performance there.

Snaps from our Japan Tour in 2013

In May of 2013 we went back to Japan and toured through a few cities. Here are some pics we took along the way. Thanks to Dawa at Flake Records, Chihiro, Ai and everyone else that was so kind to us during our stay.

Fancy Dress!

Do we love fancy dress? Guilty as charged!

2010 Rehearsal Sessions

These are some photos that Doug took back in 2010 during our writing sessions at Bassline Studios, Newtown. A lot of the material we came up with here became songs on our 2nd album “Mnusic” Check out Craig in the moonboot!

Polaroids (Tempos, 11 October 2008)

Tempos in Northriding was a weird place, but we sure had some good times there.


4 x Ali G (Arcade Empire Halloween 2013)

Sometimes we think that being in a band is just an excuse to dress up in funny outfits. In 2013 we did 4 x Ali G and we’ve done some other good ones too!

Teenage Mutant Desmond Turtles

Sovereign Academy Halloween 2006, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Photos (Hot Box Studios, 27 Jan 2010)

Hot Box Studios in Pretoria is another one of those lovely live music spaces that didn’t last long but will live on forever in the hearts of those that spent any time there.

2006 was a good year for punk rock.

We formed Desmond & The Tutus  in December of 2005, in Doug’s bedroom in Pretoria. Here are some pics from our early rehearsal sessions and our first  few gigs.

Desmondicus and thee Tutulandicus!

  It’s no secret that we are absolute dress up geeks, and for Halloween 2014 we dressed up as the Harry Potter cast for Arcade Empire’s massive annual Halloween party!

5Gum: Desmond & The Tutus and Friends

A little while ago we threw a roof party in Braamfontein with some friends. Adriaan Louw shot and edited this little video.     

I Want to KISS You on the Cheek

      Sovereign Academy Halloween 2007, we went as KISS!

Happy Birthday Douglas!

This one time Doug turned 21, and we threw him a birthday party. Waverley Bowls Club, 22 June 2007.