Crazy One (Lyric Video)


Teenagers – Music Video & Remixes

Here’s the music video and 3 exclusive remixes for our new single “Teenagers”!

Mnusic (2012)

Our second full length album was released in 2012 by Sony Music Africa. You can download it on iTunes, Nokia Ovi and Amazon. Here is some of the original artwork from the album sleeve.

“Tigersushi Periculum No1 (Kiss You On The Cheek)” (2008)

In 2008, our dear friend Paul Holden (aka King of Town) did a remix for our song Kiss You On The Cheek. He posted the remix online to some of his DJ friends, word spread and it was soon picked up by Tigersushi Records in Paris for a 12″ release.

Freak Them Out (Lyric Video)

Our new song, what do you think?

PTA GRLZ (Bittereinder Jakaranda Remix)

Our dear friends Bittereinder have made a remix of our ode to Moot meisies “Pretoria Girls”, it’s available on iTunes now!

“Tuckshop: The Remixes” (2009)

We commissioned a bunch of remixes when Tuckshop came out, download a zip file of the best ones here.

Tuckshop Deluxe Edition

In case you missed it last week, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our debut album we have released “Tuckshop Deluxe Edition” – includes remastered audio, original demos, lost remixes, a brand new version of Kiss You and over 100minutes of audio commentary by your boys. Check it out…

“Enjoy Yourself” (2014)

Our third album “Enjoy Yourself” is out on Just Music now! Grab it on iTunes!

Tuckshop (2008)

Our first ever album “Tuckshop” was released in 2009.  Our first album Tuckshop is available for download on iTunes / Emusic / Amazon / Here is an old photo of Shane busy putting this cover together!