“Tigersushi Periculum No1 (Kiss You On The Cheek)” (2008)

In 2008, our dear friend Paul Holden (aka King of Town) did a remix for our song Kiss You On The Cheek. He posted the remix online to some of his DJ friends, word spread and it was soon picked up by Tigersushi Records in Paris for a 12″ release.

“Hands down Desmond & The Tutus is the best band name I’ve heard in ages and, happily, this single ‘Kiss You On The Cheek’ is deserving of such a wonderfully monikered creator. It’s unashamedly cheesy, sunshiny electronic house indie pop gear – with harmonicas and everything…”

Phonica Record Store, London

“Super friendly guys from Pretoria making African tinged post punk, like the Rapture in Tanzania.”

Tigersushi Records

Buy this online at Tigersushi Records, iTunes  and Beatport.